October 18, 2019

Congratulations to the winners of Dubrovnik Film Festival 2019.!

🏆 Best film in category Kids’ choice

is animated film Tesla and Edison, FS POŠ Nova Zadar


🏆 Audience award goes to

documentary God gives everyone a chance by Ema Puljić from FS OŠ Strahoninec


🏆Best Animation in 0-15 category

Goes to a very charming film with a powerful message that made everyone in the audience laugh
In search of buried treasure/U potrazi za zakopanim blagom.


🏆Best Animation in 16-20 category Award

goes to a very imaginative short film, which is filled with magical details and demonstrates the author’s big potential and her passion for the storytelling.
The Moon and the Sun Love/Ljubav sunca i Mjeseca


🏆Best Documentary in 0-15 category

The best documentary film for the category 0-15 is a charming piece of film reportage. It bridges both the past and future, the young and the old in order to bring forth the story of a small Roma village and its colourful residents. The winner is My Little Škarle / Škarje moje malo by Jana Držanić.


🏆Best Documentary in 16-20 category

The best documentary film for the category 16-20 is both engaging and profound. The story about a political prisoner is narrated in an innovative way combing fact and fiction in order to portray the cry for freedom that climbs over high walls. The winner is Morning Comes in Yedi Kule / Jutro se budi u zatvoru Yedi Kule.


🏆Best fiction film in category 0-16

is a serious topic film about a boy going through a rough time, covered by a fluent film language.
Entre Silencios / Between Silences


🏆Best fiction film in category 16-20

is brilliantly directed film with great acting, about the young man whose mother is killed by an imigrant. It shows that xenophobia is a problem deeply rooted in our societies, and young people are not immune to it.
La Felicita Romana / Roman Hapiness


🏆Best Open Category

The best open category film is a well-crafted piece of genre cinema which boasts a chilling atmosphere sending shivers down the viewer’s spine. A horror worthy of the Slavic goddess of darkness hiding behind its title. The winner is
Morana by Borna Ivan Masnec.


🏆🏆🏆Grand Prix

A film about teenage passion and gloom, about self-discovery and getting lost along the way. Growing up sometimes makes no sense at all and being part of a bizarre love triangle doesn’t help either. A captivating story about Pepe and her friend Aurora, that makes you want to spend more time with the characters and watch them evolve. The most rounded film of the whole competition with great direction, screenplay and amazing, genuine acting. The Grand Prix of Dubrovnik Film Festival goes to
Cinderella / Pepeljuga by Melita Mukavec.