Group of authors; 8’46”min; Second Gymnasium Sarajevo; Bosnia and Herzegovina


The film tells the story of “emotions trapped in one’s own body”. It directly deals with the topic of negative body image and presents the interpreted true experiences of those who fight their battle in darkness.

“The movie succeeds in showing the psychological state of people suffering from low self-esteem and distorted image of one’s own body.”


Petra Rakušić, Lea Ušković ; 9’58”min; UD Ugostiteljsko-turističke škole Osijek; Hrvatska / Croatia

Bez veze / Off the Gird

The film shows us how the experiment went and what insights these young women received from it.

“Today we can’t imagine life without smartphones which makes the topics of social network addiction and smartphone addiction very timely.”

Deniz Midik; 7’03”min;GSU / Cinestudio Paris; Turkey, France

Hayallerin Ötesinde/ Atelier Beyond

The documentary showcases how this museum eventually became the new “Pont des Arts” (Lovers’ Bridge), and how the artists’ success went beyond their dreams from years before.

“A very interesting dada artist talks about an important event they contributed to in order to improve Paris art scene.”

Reina Brabenec; 5’06”min; Academy of dramatic arts; Hrvatska / Croatia

Jedini način / The Only Path

A documentary about a man who lives in the forest and enjoys his peaceful life in symbiosis with his best friend.

“Gorgeous shots of nature create an impression of an idyll and show the coexistence of man and nature, but they also wonderfully add to the life philosophy of the protagonist.”

Ludovica Liparoti; 11’36”min; Dams Unicatt; Italy

L’Ideale dell’ostrica / The Ideal of the oyster

An island off the coast of Sicily, a real paradise on earth that hides dark secrets. The film brings to the surface, through the touching memories of the locals, the story of a love affair that ended in an atrocious femicide-suicide in the 50s.

“This excellently directed documentary combines a pleasant atmosphere of life by the sea with memories of a tragedy that hide beneath the surface.”

Konstantinos Potamianos; 10’00”min; Anamorphic Films; Greece

The Call Of The Lighthouses

A documentary that describes the story of the renovation of the two southernmost lighthouses in land Europe, from the point of view of the architect who undertook their reconstruction.

“Movie shows us just how demanding a job a reconstruction of a lighthouse really is, and the beautiful shots accompanied by pleasant music bring to life the landscape that is home to the lighthouses.”


Ante Rukavina; 3’12”min; Humanistička gimnazija; Hrvatska / Croatia

Što je to u prozorima? / What Is It About Windows?

This short documentary follows a girl narrator observing the world through windows.

“In this short documentary format, we follow a girl who becomes a narrator of her own point of view, by observing the world through windows.”