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Our mission is to provide young amateur filmmakers (10 to 20 year olds) with technical, financial and professional support in their creative efforts.
We organize filmmaking Read More

The Dubrovnik Cinemas are one of the cultural institutions of the city of Dubrovnik. They are concerned with the creation of a media culture. This is done through the showing of films and other video material which Read More

The word festival is derived from the Latin fertivus which means to celebrate, to partake in merriment. The Idea for a youth festival arose from the desire to bring out the hidden and anonymous endeavours of the enthusiast film maker Read More
The Mediterranean is without doubt the cradle of Western European culture and civilization. Western Europe recognizes this but often seems to emphasize Greek and Roman heritage overlooking those roots of Mediterranean multiculturalism which have evolved on the shores of Africa Read More
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George Bernard Shaw, enchanted by the city once wrote that those who seek paradise on Earth must come to Dubrovnik. Its city walls, which are incidentally under the protection of UNESCO, are 1940 metres long. They encircle the city in an unbroken ring of culture and history. The city is known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” both domestically and abroad. The city is situated in the far South of Croatia and boasts of an ancient heritage of noble crafts, the best architects and artists. All this situated in a warm Mediterranean climate in which both sub tropical and Mediterranean vegetation thrive. One will be intoxicated by the scent of lemon, mandarin and orange groves. One can find comfort in the shade of palm trees and see Agaves reaching for the Sun as they decorate the Renaissance parks and flowering gardens of medieval stone palaces and secluded monasteries.
For any information about your arrival, visit and activities please click on: www.tzdubrovnik.hr