Jury 2015

Selection Jury 2015
Prijavi film

Anastasia is a Doctor of Aesthetics in Animation and Virtual Environment from Middlesex University in London, teaching animation at AKTO (art and design school) in Athens and The University of The Aegean.
She has studied design and animation because she loves tales, games and virtual worlds.
The art of animation is a medium that allows her to express herself, to create and have a lot of fun and meet interesting people.
She has been involved in teaching and animation production for the past 20 years. Anastasia’s inspiration comes from everyday life and her students who are always vivid.
The best thing about her work, however hard and demanding it can get, is that it is like a hobby, so at the end of the day, she really enjoys it.


Dražen was born 45 years ago in Zagreb, Croatia, where he was raised and educated. Ever since he was a little boy, he has amused himself by drawing and has always wanted to become a world famous cartoonist. However, he decided to obey the voices of Reason (his mum and dad, actually), so instead of studying Applied Arts and Design he became a mechanical engineer. Leter on he tried to correct the mistake by working on cartoons in the famous Zagreb film studios until he managed to get himself into the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb to become a TV and film director. This is how he got from drawing to directing fiction and documentary, including four feature films. He is the proud father of three children, aged eleven and two times seven.


Duško was born in 1952 in Vukovar. He has lived in Zagreb since 1971, first studying law and then working as a journalist. He wrote in numerous magazines and newspapers and worked on the radio. Now, he is a free-lance journalist. Duško was an active member of Kinoklub Zagreb and Author’s Studio – Photo, Film and Video. He has also served as a member of the Organizing Committee or jury member at numerous festivals in Croatia and abroad. He is the author of 8 short videos and two monographs covering the history of two prominent film institutions – Kinoklub Zagreb and Liburnija film Rijeka. In 2007, Duško started a festival promoting public health issues through films and videos made by school children.