Selection Jury 2015

DUFF 2015
Jury 2015

Sara Hribar was born in Zagreb 1986. She studied film and television directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She is an award-winning and critics recognized director and screenwriter, of festival films( Pusti me da spavam, 2007; Pričaj mi o ljubavi, 2008; Libertango, 2009; Ta tvoja ruka mala, 2010; Od danas do sutra, 2012…).. Among  many trips, and festival participation , among favorite , and the richest film experiences , those working with children , emphasizes collaboration with Dubrovnik and ŠIPAN film enthusiasts , as well as participation and mentoring in the Summer Film School in Sipan 2008.  and 2009.

Žarko Dragojević- proffesion defines him as communication expert, PR journalists. He graduated as a student of the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb and the University of Dubrovnik. He currently works in Dubrovnik theatre  “Marin Držić” as a spokesman / professional associate in public relations. Invested with “heart and soul” in the music industry for over 10 years as a creator of conceptual band “Embassy 516”. In his free time he is invested in graphical aspect of creation that manifests within multimedia brand like PRoduction. He spent years looking for inspiration in smoky areas and the vastness of European clubs, arenas and fields. More than anything, he values and respects authors work and creativity.

Dražen Krešić  was born in Dubrovnik, 1987. He grew up in Neum and Metković. In 2011. he enrolled the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo film, theater and radio directing, in which achieves several short films and several plays of which we can single out: movie “Spazam” ,”Fizičari” and “London Calling”. He currently works in the National Theatre Varaždin, where he is preparing several projects with his girlfriend Julia Klier. He describes himself as a cheerful and open person, sincerely in love with film and theater.