Rules & Terms 2023

DUFF (The Dubrovnik Film Festival)

DUFF (The Dubrovnik Film Festival) is an international film festival for the children and the youth of the Mediterranean countries.
The Mission of the festival is to enable, motivate and promote youth film making in the Mediterranean.
The Vision of the festival is to become the permanent window presenting the annual production of amateur films made by the children and youth in the countries of the Mediterranean.

The organizers

The Dubrovnik Cinemas
Luža – Media Culture Promoting Association
Association Film School Šipan

The terms of participation

1.a In the following categories (animation, fiction, documentary), the festival will accept applications of authors coming from a Mediterranean country who are younger than twenty years of age at the time of production of their film(s).

1.b In the following categories (open – experimental, thematic Freedom/Libertas), the festival will accept applications of authors who are younger than twenty years of age at the time of production of their film(s), regardless of their residence.

2. The official selection in the animated, fiction and documentary categories will be divided into two age groups (<15 and 16 – 20), while all films in the open experimental and thematic categories will compete in one group, regardless of the age of their authors.

3. Individuals, schools, clubs and associations are welcome to enter their work. Each author or organization can enter the maximum of two films per category. There is no submission charge.

4. The maximum duration of any individual film must not exceed 15 minutes (credits included).

5. Submitted films must not be filmed before September 1st 2021.

6. The festival will accept only online applications through FilmFreeway –

7. All films must be subtitled in English. The festival will accept films with embedded subtitles. However, we recommend sending subtitles as srt. files together with the film file and two stills in the FilmFreeway File & Attachments.

8. Film(s) can be submitted by authors, their teachers, mentors or production organizations but authors of films must be younger than twenty years of age at the time of the production of their film(s).

9. If for some reason works can not be submitted through FilmFreeway, please contact the Organizer at to discuss alternative methods of submitting films.

10. The entries must be sent by July 15 2023.

11. Entries not complying to the above mentioned regulations shall not enter the selection process.

12. The festival reserves the rights to the use of the works entered for the promotion of youth film making. The festival also reserves the rights to show the entries in public, in the media and any other form of public screening, including the copying of the works in the non profit intent of storing them in the festival archive.

13. The list of films that have entered the festival competition will be announced by the beginning of September 2023 on the festival’s web page:

The authors that have entered the official programme will be notified via email as well.

The list of awards:
1. Best animated film in each age group
2. Best fiction film in each age group
3. Best documentary film in each age group
4. Best film in the open category
5. Best thematic film – Films promoting Marine Ecology
6. Best film – Audience Award
7. Best film – Grand Prix

Accommodationa and travel expenses

The festival will organize free accommodation and meals for the participants that have been selected to participate in the Festival. (One young filmmaker and one adult escort per film).
The accommodation of additional participants can be organized at a sponsored price during the duration of the Festival. The organizers do not cover travel expenses.


Dube Mikulić, +38520638640 / 417107, office manager
Đive Galov, +38520638640 / 417107, festival director
Igor Miošić, +385989049221, festival coordinator
Miro Bronzić, +385992167653, technical director

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