Elina Myshanych; 8’20”min; London Film School, Kids Movie School; Ukraine / UK

Adult/ Odrasli

Wartime winter Kyiv. Maryna, a girl detective, is searching for missing people with her partner, an IT expert. This time a little girl has disappeared, and searching for her Maryna has to go through a mysterious quest. This is a mystical detective story about a childhood lost in the war.

“The director came up with an unbelievably exciting detective story with only two characters, and whose result is a shocking movie of a lost childhood and sudden growing up.”

Leon Bengez; 1’30”min; School of Arts, Design, graphic and clothing Zabok; Hrvatska

Crveno i Bijelo

Love and death are the most unknown things of our time. The contrast between them is drastic and complex. Will we ever know their secrets?

“An excellent experimental movie based on two colours which symbolize life and death. The atmosphere in the movie is further enhanced by the soundtrack.”

PO-HAO CHU; 4’54”min; Taipei National University of the Arts; Taiwan

Didn’t Zarathustra Also Speak…/ Nije li i Zaratustra govorio…

“A holy asserting in wanted: it is its own will that the spirit now willeth, it is its own world that the recluse winneth for himself,” said Zarathustra.
What do you do when you find yourself bound by worldly burdens?

“This movie creates an anxious atmosphere through it contrasting photography, excellent scene design and props, and carefully designed soundtrack.”

Katja Galunić, Dora Radaš; 1’39”min; XVI. gimnazija; Hrvatska/Croatia

Klaunovi iluzije

Inspired by Fellini’s film ‘La strada’, this film shows the features of our existence and isolation while connecting them with clichés and traditional symbols of happiness. It subtly opens the question of the inner meaning of us as individuals, which I often cover with layers of norms.

“An interesting experimental depiction of the differences among human beings and their meanings.”

Jakov Benčić; 1’min; Akademija dramske umjetnosti; Hrvatska/Croatia

Koji je tvoj način?

A utilitarian film which literally transforms film terms into film language.

“Because of this utilitarian movie, everyone would want to enrol into a film school. Very original!”

Erik Sémashkin; 3’25”min; Université Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis; Ukraine/France

Nature Attack / Napad prirode

A bird decides to hunt crickets, but his crossing will be more complicated than expected.

“A fantastic movie due to its directing, photography, editing and soundtrack that immerse us into the world of nature. Masterfully done!”

Patrik Šimunović; 5’27”min; OŠ Stjepan Kefelja , Kutina; Hrvatska/Croatia

The Adventures of a Snail/ Avanture jednog puža

The hybrid film “The Adventures of a Snail” tells the story of a snail that goes towards its favorite food, greens. On his way he meets various animals. His path is only two meters long. With the sarcasm and disintegration of time in this film, we wanted to draw attention to the fact that children today cannot hold their attention for long. Internet and other contents change very quickly. We wanted to show that like a slow snail, long shots can be interesting and not just quick and sudden changes of shots. Also, with the film, we wanted to draw children’s attention to the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

“Every shot of this movie on its own could be considered a work of art. Beautiful photography, elaborate soundtrack, long shots, changes in nature and the static characteristic of the snail create a wonderful combination.”

Daniel Tristan Křístek, Vojtěch Veselý; 7’56”min; Grammar school of Dr. Joseph Pekar; Češka Republika

The Elementary Methods of Walking / Elementarne metode hodanja

As the name suggests, the movie is primarily about walking, about fate, about what “fair play” means and, last but not least, about when our home becomes a mere chessboard. Or have we always been just figures? Do we know where our place is yet? Should we continue in our move when the queen is dead?

“A movie with an interesting idea and a recognizable aesthetics. The music complements the scenes perfectly and creates humour, but also an unusual beauty.”

Corran Gourlay; 6’00”min; Independent / Lancaster University; Velika Britanija

The Table / Stol

A mysterious table whisks a curious woman away on a journey that blends reality and dream, and takes her where she needs to be.

“In this movie the table becomes a living object through stop-animation and asks questions on illusion and reality, what is real and what is a dream.”