Grupa autora; 8’21”min; Escuela Taller Cachinus de Cine de Cilleros; Španjolska

¿Quién teme al lobo? / Who’s afraid of the wolf? / Tko se boji vuka?

Three girls meet a guy through a social network. And…

“The story of the dangers of meeting strangers on social networks and raising awareness of this issue is intriguing. Exciting structure encourages us to think about this issue. Some of the elements could have been edited better to improve cohesion, but despite that the story has a very important message for the current generation.”

Grupa autora; 12’44”min; Ljetna škola filma Šipan; Hrvatska

Elizabeta II / Elizabeta II

A peaceful village, the pearl of the Elafiti islands, Šipanska Luka, is shaken by a shocking news of a murder. The police are powerless but help comes from a young team who in an unbelievable action investigate and solve this case… until next time, greetings from Šipanska Luka.

“Dialogues are well written, with depth and authenticity that improves the viewing experience. Editing is immaculate and it directs the story tension appropriately.”

Grupa autora; 11’54”min; First Primary School Srebrenik; Bosna i Hercegovina

Mother / Majka

Mother follows a young man while she remembers her mother and life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“A deeply moving story that wins over hearts with its simplicity and honesty. Although a short movie, it leaves a powerful impression.”

Grupa autora; 3’50”min; CEIP Serreria (Valencia, Spain); Španjolska

No sé qué me pasa? / What’s wrong with me? / Što ne valja sa mnom?

We felt exhausted and depressed. We didn’t know what was happening to us. But one day something magical happened.

„This ingenious film is based on a stylistic figure of a contrast. In addition to achieving this contrast through acting and use of props, it is enhanced by split-screen shots in which we simultaneously follow two different lifestyles. A wonderful idea excellently realized.“

Marc Jaén Castells, Abril García Arancibia; 5’00”min; Escola Cooperativa Nou Patufet; Španjolska

Palapasabra / Palapasabra

“Palapasabra” is a humorous satire of a situation that, unfortunately, some of the members of the team have experienced.

“Playing with the form of a TV show, this movie is at the same time a funny and a sad satire of the modern society where human rights and liberties are still being violated.”

Grupa autora; 9’28”min; Ljetna škola filma Šipan; Hrvatska

Povratak Šipana / The Return of Šipan

The antihero tries to destroy the island idyll, but nobody can destroy the power of friendship and unity.

“A fun science-fiction action movie which balances serious and humorous elements very well. Creative use of special effects makes this movie visually very interesting.”

Anastasija Petrović; 6’00”min; Posavci Film; Srbija


In the intimate atmosphere of the school library, a boy starts daydreaming about the girl playing the piano in front of him. The romantic reverie is abruptly interrupted when reality flashes in a completely new and unexpected form. Whether from an individual’s perspective or society’s, this film reflects on the lack of sensitivity, stigmatization, and prejudices regarding interpersonal differences.

“Even without much dialogue, this movie sends a strong message. The authors use colour excellently as a contrast between the scenes of reality and fantasy. Reality only seems dark because we see it from the point of view of the boy – someone who is convinced that there is no future for people with disabilities. Despite all this, the final scenes offer optimism…”

Pablo Soto; 10’23”min; Independent; Grčka

The ball is mine / Lopta je moja

In a few hours, two friends will break into a strange kid’s house to get back the ball that belongs to them.

“Screenplay, camera work, acting, scene design, props, directing and image and sound editing function perfectly in this movie. We expect many more excellent movies such as this one from this young director.”