Pau Bonet, Cristian Ruano; 4’00”min; TecnoCampus; Spain

Una vida sense color / Život bez boje / A life without Color

Lita Marti, a 77 year old widowed grandmother lives alone with her cat Pito. Since the death of her husband, she hasn’t been the same person. And if that wasn’t enough, she got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a while ago.

„A touching movie that gives a short but effective message on the importance of music and art in general.“


Nitay Kinkulkin, Nikita Kit Kutalchuk, Joel Orr ; 4’38”min; Wild kids Animation Studio; Israel

Blind City / Slijepi grad

The Forces of power suck out color vision from the inhabitants of the city. The hero fought the Monster and won, but this did not return the vision.

„The movie is in fact an allegory of a disease that cannot be defeated. A perfectly chosen music builds on the dark atmosphere of the movie.”


Luka Štebih; 1’43”min; Graditeljska škola Čakovec; Hrvatska / Croatia

Coplek / Coplek

A short animated film about puppet.

„Interesting animation and camera movements create a sense of dynamic, while humour is achieved through introduction of virtual world motifs in which the puppet calls the shots, at least for a while.“

Maram Gomaa; 1’00”min; Faculty of fine arts Minia University; Egipat / Egypt

Grey Hulk / Sivi Hulk

The short movie expresses the global warming that is caused due to the burning coal in factories.

„The title of the movie is perfectly connected to its antihero, and the caption at the end warns every one of us that a personal change is a starting point to solving the problems.”


Lara Jakovina; 3’49”min; FKVK Zaprešić / Hrvatska /Croatia

Horror Vacui / Horror Vacui

Horror Vacui – the fear of empty space. Fearing silence and emptiness, we clutter our lives with unnecessary stimulations. But, sometimes, we need a little empty space to breathe.

„Excellent scenography and soundtrack contribute to a creepy atmosphere that slowly builds up during the movie.”

Özgür Çaka; 5’35”min; Anadolu University; Turska / Turkey

Mio’s Oddyssey / Miova odiseja

The cat Mio, who has been in a long search, finds itself in great disappointment as Mio fails to find what it has been looking for, and suddenly immerses itself in a completely different pursuit. With a new purpose in mind, Mio will eventually come across his own creator, Evan.

„ A very impressive and funny story with an unexpected plot twist. I especially like the design of the characters and the detail-rich background.”

Inês Margarida Pinto; 3’11”min; University of Aveiro, Portugal

The Jupiter boy / Dječak s Jupitera

On a silent night, a boy from Jupiter sees a girl on the moon crying. Will he be able to help her?

„The emphasis of this movie is on humanity, depiction of outer space and the symbolism of the two planets and the two characters.”