Group of authors; 8’42”min; ” Udruga ZAG Zagreb ; Hrvatska / Croatia

Idealni jelovnik / The ideal menu

The film deals with the current topic of free school meals and the unnecessary waste of food that students do not eat. Is there an ideal menu, a dish that all students would eat?

“Using the interview method, we explore in detail the way a school kitchen functions, but also the problem of food waste and the idea of an ideal menu. Interviewers ask insightful questions on how to improve food in elementary school.”

Mia Dugonjić; 7’59”min; OŠ “Antun and Stjepan Radic” Gunja ; Hrvatska / Croatia

Ja sam Jasmin! / I am Jasmin!

I’m Jasmin! – is a portrait documentary about Jasmin, a 2nd-grade student at Elementary School “Antun i Stjepan Radić” from Gunja, who is mute. The film is a testimony of the challenges that Jasmin copes with during her education. Jasmin is talked about by his mother and brother, as well as his teacher, special education teacher, teaching assistant and his friends from class. He is a member of the Association of Persons with Disabilities “Zvjezdice” in Gunja, where he likes to stay and act in children’s plays.

“The film shows the life of a boy with special needs and the people who love him and who help him with his challenges. Filming was done in real-life locations to get an insight into his daily life”


Group of authors; 7’34”min; OŠ dr. Ivana Novaka Macinec; Hrvatska / Croatia

(Ne) vjerujem / I (don’t) believe

Every one of us is somewhat superstitious and seeks connections between certain events. This documentary explores beliefs and customs in the Roma community. Answers to questions how to protect a child from spells, how to remove curses, what to do before moving into a new house, and similar ones, can be found in this film.

“This movie offers an interesting insight into the customs and beliefs few of us have heard of. Their own opinions on those rituals are of special interest as well as what those mean for them personally.”

Group of authors; 6’00”min; Ateliers Colectivo Fotograma 24 / Montemor-o-Novo school; Portugal

The apparent chaos of diversity

When appearance overrides reality itself, it becomes essential to reflect on issues that have existed since the beginning of our species and which contribute to its evolution. Ensuring that today we can see beyond the “apparent chaos” requires courage on the part of society, but facilitates the acceptance of diversity.

“This is an interesting hybrid of a documentary movie in which children stepping from childhood into adolescence collectively think about gender equality, identity and expression.”


Group of authors; 7’02”min; OS Tomasa Goricanca Mala Suboticac; Hrvatska / Croatia

Životna misija / Life mission

His adventurous spirit takes him everywhere. He loves life on wheels. Helping people and believing in people led him to the profession he is engaged in today. See in the film which occupation and lifestyle it is about.

“With this movie young filmmakers expertly break all stereotypes on ways of life. In the opening scenes it is revealed what the protagonist’s occupation is, but through interviews the filmmakers reveal how special the protagonist really is, how spiritual his life is which was shaped by his life mission.”