Group of authors; 2’48”min; ” NS Dubrava ; Hrvatska / Croatia

Bolesni vjetar / Sick Wind

The wind catches a cold, decides that he needs to get warm and by doing that causes truble for the locals.

“The protagonist of this movie will take you on a journey around the world with their endearing solutions. Far exotic destinations are shown through various forests, wild animals and vivid colours.”

Group of authors; 5’00”min; “Battisti” Primary School – Brescia; Italija / Italy

Felici insieme / Happy together

This is a story of a little red all alone plasticine piece, lost in a blank film frame and how it met a new friend. And onother one, onether onme, another one and so on. Together we can be happy, we can be strong, we can be something new!

“Visually this is a very interesting animation full of movement, bright colours and a well designed soundscape.”

Group of authors; 6’45”min; IC Casalserugo; Italija / Italy

I quattro elementi Four elements

Four elements told without words through stop-motion animation: their physical description, when they are kind and helpful to humans, and when they get angry and become dangerous.

“A movie whose every frame surprises with new techniques and innovative solutions.”


Keti Tropša; 1’39”min; Škola animiranog filma Čakovec; Hrvatska / Croatia

Krug života / Circle of life

The circle of life is represented through the life of a plant surrounded with other plants who fight for life.

“Trees that grow and wither symbolize the circle of life. The movie offers a wonderful combination of contrasts and off-screen melancholy music.”

Group of authors; 2’22”min; OŠ Metlika / Društvo Slon; Slovenia

Legend of Velebaba

Legend of Velebaba tells a story from the southern region of Slovenia, Bela Krajina, how the hill Kučar was made.

“Excellent framing and dynamic collage animation create scenes which are a pleasure to watch.”

Group of authors; 2’14”min; Vanima, Varaždin; Hrvatska / Croatia

Što usta zbore, to ruke stvore / What mouth speaks, hands make

The film was made by the group of children from10 to 13 years, in the technique of stop animation of clay and hands. The musical theme of the film is the composition of Ivo Robić Ta tvoja ruka mala. It shows in a humorous and symbolic way love, love problems and emotions, from tenderness to anger, molded in clay with hand language.

“In this movie, hands in a symbolic way show different human emotions. Stop-motion technique and popular song Ta tvoja ruka mala create a winning combination.”


Group of authors; 7’50”min; Associação de Ludotecas do Porto/Anilupa; Portugal

The world in pieces

Children share their thoughts about the world we live in. They are worried about pollution, war, poverty, and inequality. What if the world is falling apart? These concerns led them to affirmation – we can make a difference!

“This animated movie shows most of the problems affecting the world today, and in a voice-over the children offer their opinions on what the world would look like if they ruled it. Young authors approached the world surrounding them in a very mature way and they recognized its problems.”

Group of authors; 3’08”min; Primary School Gornja Radgona; Slovenia


Awareness-raising animated film about economical use of water.

“Excellent choice of material to represent water. However, the strong point of this movie is in its sound image, more precisely in the murmurings of water which help achieve the goal of this film which is clearly stated in the caption at the end of the movie.”

Group of authors; 3’57”min; LJŠFŠ; Hrvatska / Croatia

Žabica / Frog

The story about frog on the island during the summmer.

“Endearing and funny cartoon which uses creative animation solutions to represent waves and the environment.”