Workshops DUFF20


Those who like watching film also like to comment them. Was it a good film or not? Why? When you write about a film as a work of art, when you comment it providing reasons for your opinion and when you recommend it as worth seeing (or not), that’s how film reviews come to life. The reviews regularly lead to interesting conversations which help understand the art of filmmaking and the process of filmmaking.

It is actually quite easy to learn how to write or verbalize a film review which will be a work of art itself. What is more, the process of learning can be very interesting. In the workshop we will learn how to watch a film, pay attention to what is called the language of film and finally shape a substantiated commentary that may be as attractive as the film itself. Enjoy the film, spend some quality time with your peers and learn how to write your first film review.

Boško Picula was born in Šibenik in 1973. He is a political scientist and film critic. He has been writing film reviews and film essays for different magazines, newspapers and web pages. Boško is a co-author of two TV programs produced by Croatian National Television (HTV) – Café cinéma and Popcorn. The later specialises in chidren and youth cinema. He also hosts a program called Animatic, specialised in animation, and is a regular guest critic in various shows both on TV and radio. Boško has a vast experience in selecting films and serving as jury member at Four River Film Festival in Karlovac and DUFF. He is a member of the Croatian Society of Film Critics.


The idea is that the workshop participants engage in drawings based on a given topic and continue with illustrating their own story. The intention is to avoid literal interpretations and focus on the atmosphere. This rather loose approach turned out successful, since some participants rather move in the direction of comics, while others prefer to stick to just one illustration or poster. We can start with illustrating stories, films, videos or their own photos, whatever they find inspiring.

Sven was born in 1981 in Zagreb. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. His favourite medium of expression is drawing, often accompanied by a short narrative element. Sven’s poetics includes humour, subversion and frequent use of pop culture references, especially of horror movies, SF and comics. Sven is almost obsessively concerned with the theme of death. He lives and works between Zagreb and Dubrovnik.