JURY 2016



Joris Van Dael
jorisvandael Born on October 21 ,1956 in Antwerp – Belgium, Joris Van Dael graduated as an actor at the Royal Music conservatory in Liège in 1984.
After developing an acting and directing career for theatre and television, Joris founded the KIDSCAM animation studio for children and youngsters in 2003.
The aim of the studio is to support and develop “Child produced movies” as a genuine part of our cultural and artistic curriculum (heritage). The KIDSCAM filmprojects are the result of a collaboration between professional artists and children.
Every year, about 50 films are produced with the participation of more than 1200 children..


Višnja Vukašinović
visnjavukasinovic  Višnja is an awarded free-lance film, literary and art critic and scholar. Born in Split, Croatia in 1982., Višnja graduated Comparative Literature and English language at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. She is also the author of three award winning shorts. She coordinates film programs at Kinoklub Zagreb and leads film criticism and screenwriting workshops at Kinoklub Zagreb and several alternative film festivals.


Zvonimir Jurić
zvonimirjuric Croatian film director and screenwriter Zvonimir Juric was born on June 4, 1971 in Osijek, Croatia. After graduating from high school Jurić spent the 1991–92 semester studying film directing at the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. In 1992 he returned to Croatia and enrolled at the film directing department of the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. While a student at the academy Jurić directed several short films and documentaries. He is known as the director and writer of movies such as  Crnci (2009), Kosac (2014) and Zuti mjesec (2010).