Born 50 years ago in Podgorica, Montenegro, lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Worked as Cultural an Media Decontamination editor in chief on eFM Radio, Sarajevo. Worked for other radio stations, TV stations and in print media. One of the authors of the UNICEF publication Media in the Best Interest of the Child. Does other stuff as well. I his free time, Zoka makes one-minute short films, shorts and documentaries, Sometimes on his own somethimes mentoring kids. Sometimes they get awarded. Zoka sees himself as a player, studying the techniques of living and gathering experiences that he mostly has no idea how to use. His life ambition is to work in a newstand with a view.


Ivana has graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and has pursued her career as both contemporary artist, exhibiting for the past 23 years, and art educator at Art School in Dubrovnik. She is an active member of various art companies working in Dubrovnik.


Marko graduated from the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and TV in Ljubljana. He has directed a number of short films awarded at numerous film festivals. Seduce me was his first feature and it received a Special Mention at Warsaw Film Festival. His second feature Lada Kamenski, a colaborative project with Sara Hribar, had its international premiere at Montreal Film Festival. So far, it has won 11 distinctive awards around the world.